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ROLL-TEC 9 instructions

Assembly:  The Roll-Tec 9 was shipped in a specially made crate, keep crate if repair is ever required.   The die mounts onto the top of the plate with the two stud locating screws aligning into the die block.  The rubber faces up.  The cutting board sits on top of the die and covers all of the aluminum pins.


Operation:  Plug the unit into a 120VAC 15 amp grounded outlet.  Turn power on by activating the lighted power switch in the front right of the machine. Press the toggle switch to the right of the power switch to move the plate, do this without a die in place to start with.   Move the slide tray all the way towards either end.  The slide knob will touch the guard and stop.  Do not slam it into the guard.  Install die. Place the paper on the die with the edges against the pins.  Place the cutting board over the die, paper and pins.  Align the cutting plate so it will not hit the sides as it goes through the rollers.  Gently place your hand about center on the cutting plate.  While pressing the toggle switch guide the slide tray and die into the rollers.  The pinch rollers will carry the slide through the unit.  Stop pressing the switch when the die exits the rollers.   Move the slide further manually if required.  Remove the cutting board from the top of the die.  Some prints may stick to the board, remove them.  Carefully remove the prints and scrap from the die.   Do not press down because the die blade with be exposed and cut you.  Wipe off any debris on the cutting board before cutting another sheet.


Adjustment:  The cutter comes pre-adjusted from the factory.  If adjustment is required loosen the retaining nut and turn the screw to correct the problem.  Move the screw in small increments and test.  Repeat as required and tighten the nut.

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