We Sell and repair all Photech Industries, Inc products,  some may be obsolete or replaced by Rotec products.
We will make replacement parts for all existing Photech products, but no parts are stocked.

Some Photech items will have a Rotec comparable item.

Call or Email for more information on the individual products.
313.535.1269 or rauensales@aol.com


Photech MDL-STD photo cutter, try Rotec Roll-tec mini


Photec MDL-TC photo cutter, try Roll-tec mini


Photech MDL-SC photo cutter Roll-tec mini or Roll-tec Jr


Photech MDL-DC photo cutter, try Roll-tec mini or Roll-tec Jr


Photech  MDL-RJ photo cutter, try Roll-tec Jr or Roll-tec 15a


PacKS, no longer made, service available


Photech Paper slitter custom order only


Photech Tape Applicator, custom order only


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