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For almost 30 years  Photech Industries, Inc. has  been a leader in “steel rule” photo cutting.  Rotec Photo Cutters has been in the fore front of professional heavy duty rotary photo cutting.  In 2007 these two companies joined to create the next line of Rotec cutters.  With Photech’s vast knowledge of steel rule cutting and Rotec’s professional rotary die cutting experience, we have created the Roll-tec Jr steel rule photo cutter.

Rotec now offers a flat bed steel rule cutting system.  This allows for low cost with Rotec quality.
The Roll-tec cutters are made out of aircraft aluminum.  Our transport system is made with precision hardened roller bearings.
The side guides are made of hardened washers or 1018 cold rolled steel.  We made the Roll-tec to last a lifetime.  All of the main
components are made of aircraft quality aluminum with a hard baked enamel finish.  We offer 4 models of cutters.




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