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Rotec 2020 photo cutter   $7999.00 plus shipping and handling


YES it will cut a 12 up trader!

Rotec 2020 Electric photo cutter

The largest Rotary cutter available

The operation of the Rotec 2020 is quite simple.   The operator  sits in front of the unit, like they would a typewriter.    Then they insert the paper from the top, in between the feed plate and the guide plate.  Next align the print left to right according to the alignment lines.   Continue to push the paper down until it reaches the paper stops.  Then the operator presses the clutch button on the top right of the cutter and the print is pulled into the cutter and cut.  To speed up the operation, or simplify it, the side guide (DOGs) helps eliminate the operator from having to adjust the print sideways.  An option to increase output is a foot pedal.  This allows the operator more time to place and collect the prints.  The prints come out of the cutter in one of two ways.  The first being the complete cut out of the wallets, with the scrap being separated from them.  The second way is having the prints stay in the sheet for easier handling.   

Extra wide capability 
         The Rotec 2020 can cut up to  11-1/2" X 12" sheets    
Hardened anvil gear

Hardened gear saves time and money on replacement cost
Circuit breaker protection
          Circuit breaker protection saves time looking for the "correct" fuse  
Improved stripper plate
         Helps prevent scrap from getting jammed in cutter.
Large scrap paper exit
         Helps prevent scrap paper from hitting guard upon exit   
Improved cut prints catch tray  
Helps prevent cut wallets from falling on floor         
Foot pedal option ready  
         Allows for in the field upgrade of this valuable option
Die cover off protection
         Prevents the cutter from being used without the die guard on          
Dual operation guide system <Dogs>
         Allows for faster loading of cutter when sheets are all cut the same
Full cut or retained in sheet
         Allows for the customer to choose on or the other style at when cutter is purchased  

Price: $7999.00

The largest capacity Rotec photo cutter we have ever made! 


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