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ROLL-TEC C Instructions

Remove all packaging material, make sure slide moves freely.

Plug Roll-tec into a grounded 120 VAC 15 amp outlet

Turn on main power switch located right of rollers on front plate.

Move slide plate either all the way to the right or left.  Place die on plate using locating screws.

Place cutting material on die and then cut plate covering ALL locating pins.

Read screens as you proceed.  After each screen press continue.

IMAG0244.jpgIMAG0232.jpgF3 light shows unit in manual mode.






IMAG0248.jpgIMAG0237.jpgAfter the warning screens you will come to the MANUAL screen.  this allows for you
to move the die in and out manually.  By pressing either one of the two buttons for
MOVE LEFT or MOVE RIGHT the cutter will go into the roller assembly.  There will be
a slight delay after button is pressed.  Once the button is pressed hold it until the
die is out of the rollers.  Pressing the other button will allow the die to move in the
opposite direction.





When the move button is pressed an arrow will show the direction the die will move.
After the button is released the arrow will return to MOTOR OFF.
The home BUTTON will return you to the first screen.


Press the AUTO FEED button to use in AUTO MODE.  The screen will change to the auto screen.



                                                 The F2 and F4 LEDS will turn on indicating AUTO mode. 
                                         The STOP button will stop the machine in mid cycle if required. 
                                         After being pressed it will go into MANUAL mode so the die can
                                         be manually moved out of the rollers.  Press AUTO FEED to return. 
                                         The HOME button will return you to the first screen. 
                                         The AUTOMATIC button when pressed will return you to the manual screen. 
                                         The COUNTERS can be reset for the MANUAL and AUTOMATIC screens. 
                                         They count how many times the die has passed through the rollers. 
                                         In MANUAL the counter is under the word manual and in AUTOMATIC its
located above the word counters.  The numbers right of the counter button shows how many passes
the AUTOMATIC mode is in.  By pressing the function keys below will change how many times the die
will go in the rollers before stopping. F1 = 1 pass F2 = 2 passes etcetra up to F5.  The one number
will show how many passes the unit is programmed to do and the other is a countdown for how
many passes remain.  The unit can be stopped at any time by pressing STOP.

To start the process place your cut material on the die and place cut plate on the die covering all
locating pins.  Slide both the die and cut plate into the rollers.  When the limit switch is depressed
the rollers will turn on and pull the die into the rollers.  Release the die at this time.  The rollers
will stop when the die is completely out of the rollers.  The MOTOR OFF button will change to arrows
to show direction.  It will change back to MOTOR OFF after the cutting is done.


The upper numbers can be reset by pressing the RESET button under them.
The TOTAL counter cannot be reset.  Press AUTO SCREEN to return to the AUTOMATIC screen. 
Press HOME to return the first screen

It is recommended to ALWAYS leave the unit in HOME mode when not using. 
This will prevent accidental usage of cutter.


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