9 relaxing and rejuvenating body treatments for the summer

Who’s excited for bikini season? None of us except the phone filter prodigies and the 15-year-old models that are not yet fully developed.

Yet the wet, sunny season creeps up behind our untanned bodies faster than we can say “margarita, no salt”. After a year and a half of loneliness, most of us will finally be inspired to travel to a fabulous place – or even just stay put and fail.

With new sunscreens, hats and bikinis, we forgot that we bought online one night or another filled with wine, most started to prepare for the inevitable summer party. To make this prep easier, we’ve put together a list of popular body treatments and tools that are readily available – for those who use treatments – to help you feel empowered and beautiful in whatever you wear for the body. summer. Why not explore a treatment that won’t change your natural appearance, but improves it instead? See our favorites, here.

Treat stubborn problem areas

Body tone maintenance treatment at Georgia Louise Atelier in New York and Los Angeles

When even the most obscene exercise fails to tone stubborn areas, bi-coastal celebrity skin guru Georgia Louise’s Maintain Body Tone will help. This treatment uses the power of radio frequency energy to heat the tissues and stimulate the production of below normal collagen which, in turn, reduces the appearance of loose skin. The targeted technique induces tissue remodeling and helps in the production of elastin and collagen. There is no pain involved and it looks more or less like a hot stone massage. One session per week at $ 400 per hour. 8 weeks recommended.

Emsculpt at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group

Emsculpt has become the solution for many people when grueling and repetitive workouts still don’t work. For his partners, Dr Payman Danielpour and Dr Jay Layke, who lead the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, Emsculpt has quickly become one of the most requested treatments by their top clientele, not just for the summer. , but all year round. “It’s simple and precise, and it’s an innovative device that can be used to prepare your body for the summer, painlessly with limited downtime.” Emsculpt combines radio frequency technology and HIFEM + (High Intensity Electromagnetic Field Energy) to shed fat while simultaneously building muscle. This revolutionary device can be used to sculpt the abdomen and buttocks. After just four treatments and with no downtime, patients will notice remarkable reductions in subcutaneous fat and a more toned physique, resulting in about a 30% reduction in fat and a 25% increase in muscle mass. . $ 1250 per session, four sessions recommended.

Targeted cellulite treatment that works

QWO cellulite injection at JUVA Skin and Laser Center, New York City

For those who are continually disappointed with anti-cellulite products that turn out to be fake, QWO is the first FDA-approved anti-cellulite injectable that has been shown to eliminate cellulite in specific areas of the body. Renowned New York City dermatologist Dr. Bruce Katz participated in a two-and-a-half-year study on the subject and is one of the first to come up with the treatment to help women with moderate to severe cellulitis. The injectable QWO dissolves the fibrous bands that pull down on the skin, causing the orange peel characterized by the appearance of cellulite. Three sessions are recommended at $ 695 – $ 995 per session depending on the number of cellulite “dimples / areas”.

PFRANKMD Knee Lift by Dr Paul Jarrold Frank, Cosmetic Dermatologist, in New York

Believe it or not, there is actually a great demand for the treatment of loose sagging skin around the knees. It’s a pet peeve for a lot of people; and for those who are really bothered by this specific area, New York cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank has formulated an advanced combination treatment to help tighten the knee area and promote collagen stimulation. Similar to cellulite, changes in volume occur in areas of the body over time. Frank’s knee lift treatment first begins with injections (mild to moderate pain – to be honest here) of hyper-diluted biostimulant fillers for texture and volume to fill the area and stimulate collagen, followed by energetic micro-needling for elasticity. He finishes by using suture hanging techniques with PDO barbed wire, which helps lift sagging skin above the knees. Results can be seen after treatment and there is a five day downtime before you can exercise again. Three sessions are recommended and treatments start at $ 7,500.

Flatter Ab solution

The Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage Detox

This highly sought after lymphatic drainage treatment and very popular with health conscious A-listers (Lady Gaga and Jennifer Aniston are loyal fans) is now available for in-home use and purchase. It is a combination that pulsates rhythmically up and down your body, performing the most comfortable and precise lymphatic drainage massage. It basically rids your body of excess toxins and puffiness. Be warned, buying your own in-home costume is offered with a steep starting price of $ 11,900, but the treatments available in the spa are much more reasonable at $ 200 per session.

Natural supplements to help unclog

For anyone with bloating or digestion issues who wants a natural approach using only plants and fruits, Bloating Be Gone is a must-have. The supplement was developed not only to relieve indigestion and gas, but also to flatten the abdomen. Well Told’s simple, clean ingredients are always 100% natural and organic, using just three essential ingredients (organic ginger, peppermint, and fennel) in vegan capsule shells. Ideal for consumption after a large meal or after eating trigger foods that can cause bloating.

Laser hair removal

Beauty Park medical spa in Santa Monica, California

Hope you don’t live in the 1990s and continue to thrive. Granted, laser hair removal doesn’t work well on lighter shades, but it’s still a no-brainer that it’s effective and efficient. You have to touch up every now and then, but the session rates are much more reasonable than they were five or six years ago. Nurse Jamie is one of our favorites because her facilities are super clean, the machines are advanced and painless, and you get in and out quickly.

Spider veins

VBeam Prima

Whether genetics or lifestyle are the culprits, once spider veins start to appear on the legs, they often increase over time. In his Beverly Hills office, Dr. Harold Lancer offers VBeam, a non-invasive procedure using a pulsed dye laser that hits the different layers of the skin and then is absorbed through blood vessels to effectively cleanse the skin from spider veins, psoriasis. , acne, rosacea. , and any further aging of the legs due to excessive sun exposure. Due to the power of the laser, the treatment also removes visible scars after surgery. Two to five sessions are recommended, starting at $ 500 per session.

Smart skin exfoliation for the body

Korean Pellequr scrub in Beverly Hills

If you want to take care of your skin from the neck down, here is a reminder to schedule professional Korean body scrubs every month. Not just an exclusive spa hangout, Pellequr offers authentic Korean body scrubs in a clean, lavish environment that somehow makes you forget you’re lying naked on a table with a stranger rubbing your body. Essential for summer, monthly deep scrubs remove uneven skin tones and remove dead skin while stimulating lymph nodes. The results are healthier skin overall, which, as an added bonus, absorbs moisturizers better and more evenly. $ 195 for 75 minutes.

Self-tanner well done

Trying out a new self-tanner should be relegated to the winter months or when you don’t plan on showing off your body for a good two weeks. Sisley’s Self-Tanning Super Care Face and Body (for face and body) from Sisley has always been the mainstay of self-tanner for beauty junkies around the world – it still delivers an even, streak-free tan shade. Self-tanning body lotion is light yet nourishing, using macadamia oil as a key ingredient. And while the facial tan is hydrating and velvety, Alpine Rose Extract provides a soft feel.

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