Alliance threat Join: Boris warned Brexit could be REVERSED if PM doesn’t act on plot | Politics | News understands senior Conservative Party officials are concerned about the prospect of Labor having some form of ‘Join alliance’ with the Lib Dems and SNP, which could also threaten the fabric of the UK . The PM has been warned with Partygate now behind him he needs to focus on getting Brexit done to avoid an ambush in the upcoming election.

A source said: “The fact is that part of the motivation for the whole Partygate scandal was to get rid of Boris because the Rejoiners believe that if you depose Boris you destroy Brexit.

“But we have also seen evidence of a Rejoiner alliance forming particularly with Labor and the Lib Dems which, if successful in the next election, could see Brexit reversed.”

The Tories have claimed there is evidence of a Rejoin alliance in the Tiverton and Honiton by-election triggered by the resignation of former Tory MP Neil Parish after he was caught watching pornography to the Commons.

Labor has been accused of deliberately backing down to give the Lib Dems a better chance of overthrowing a majority of 24,239 Tories.

Furthermore, the Techne UK tracking poll for revealed that Labor cannot win a majority without the support of Lib Dem and the SNP.

In recent local elections earlier this month, Labor and the Liberal Democrats also claimed to have reached an unofficial agreement not to campaign in certain seats and areas.

The allegations were denied by Labor who insisted no alliance existed.

The Tory source said: “The Prime Minister is told he must take the prospect of a Rejoiner alliance seriously.

“If Labor strikes a pact with the most pro-EU party (the Lib Dems) we will see Brtiain join even if it is in stages.

“Given the polls, it is also likely that they will have to strike a deal with the SNP, who are also EU fanatics.

“But the worst consequence is that it will mean they will have to accept another Scottish independence referendum which could see the break-up of the UK. The Union is at stake.”

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The source added: “The Prime Minister is advised that the best way to go about this is to show that Brexit is working and that means bringing in tax cuts, cutting red tape, making leveling meaningful.

“He must be a Conservative Conservative Prime Minister.”

Concerns about a Rejoiner alliance are shared by Red Wall MPs, who fear a Labor return to their old heartland.

Dudley North MP Marco Longhi said: ‘Partygate wasn’t newsworthy at all in 2020 so why is it now? It’s about Brexit and the Prime Minister winning the last GE in deliver it and I want to bring it back to Rejoin.

“Our constituents want us to focus on the things that matter to them: the cost of living, inflation, Ukraine, hospital waiting lists.


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“The EU political elite know that a successful UK means trouble for the political EU. They want us to fail and that’s why they are weaponizing the NI protocol and not negotiating in good faith.

“Left-wing and Labor commentators are showing how out of touch they are by tapping into something the police already looked at two years ago, and they are showing their real motives: political gain to ‘join’.”

Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith added: “I am delighted that Sue Gray has been able to present her full report following the conclusion of the Met’s inquiry. Many of the recommendations have already been implemented at the following his interim report and I am pleased that we can now set the record straight for the public.

“Now is the time to move on and focus on the issues that matter most to people.

“The Rejoiner alliance, which still wants us back under EU sway, has also failed in its dishonest attempt to overthrow our prime minister.”

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