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The UK government has pledged to get 95% of the country’s electricity from low-carbon sources by 2030 and to completely decarbonize the grid by 2035. It also targets “up to” 50 GW of offshore wind by 2030, including “up to”. 5 GW from floating offshore projects.

Praising Britain’s Brexit strategies, One Home CEO Angela Terry said: “We are doing very well in decarbonising our electricity and, in particular, the offshore wind industry is booming around the UK coast and with that it creates jobs and drives down the price. of electricity.

“So that’s where there’s been consistent long-term support in government policy.

“The industry has been able to build, invest and increase the workforce so that we are in fact one of the world leaders in offshore wind farms.”

Turbines placed offshore are more efficient and reliable than those on land, but they cost much more to build and maintain.

Recently, the price of offshore wind electricity has fallen to its lowest level and it is now four times cheaper than that of gas-fired power plants.

Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak has pledged to uphold the ban on building new onshore wind farms if he wins the Tory leadership race and becomes the next prime minister.

The former chancellor would reverse Boris Johnson’s plan to relax the rules and let local communities agree to host turbines in return for cheaper electricity bills.

Speaking to the Telegraph, he pledged to introduce a legal target to make Britain energy self-sufficient by 2045 by overseeing a massive expansion of offshore wind.

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He told the Telegraph: “Wind power will be an important part of our strategy, but I want to reassure communities that as Prime Minister I would abandon plans to ease the ban on wind power. onshore wind in England, focusing instead on building more offshore turbines.”

Mr Sunak also pledged to re-establish the separate energy department, which was merged into the business department in 2016.

He would also create a new pre-winter energy security committee tasked with keeping the lights on and reforming the market to reduce future bills.

He said: “As energy bills soar following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it has never been more important that our country achieve energy sovereignty, so that we let’s no longer be dependent on the volatility of the world’s energy supply.

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“That is why, as Prime Minister, I would present an ambitious new plan to make the UK energy independent, investing in vital new technologies.

“I am committed to Net Zero by 2050, but that cannot mean neglecting our energy security.”

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