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GB News presenter insisted ‘Brexit cannot fail’ despite continued attempts by Remain activists to link Britain’s economic and logistical struggles with the UK’s departure from the European Union . Mark Dolan argued that independence obtained by London with Brexit would grant the country more freedom compared to EU member states such as Poland. Mr Dolan said: “The voices that remain in the years and decades to come will eventually eat up their words.

“I doubt they’ll apologize though. It’s not that Brexit can’t succeed, it’s that it can’t fail, no matter how many would like it to happen.

“And there are many. A country that controls its laws, trade policy, currency and borders is inevitably stronger than a country trapped in a political union.

“Ask Poland, which is fighting with Brussels for the supremacy of its laws.

“Ask the Irish who, following a rule change in Brussels, can no longer be a low-tax haven attracting people like Apple to their shores.”

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The GB News presenter continued: “Ask Italians whose economy is crippled by a strong euro impacting their trade exports for years.

“They desperately need to devalue themselves and could do so if they were away.

“Of course, Brexit was not just economic, it was also cultural and political.

“It was a resurrection of Britain as an independent and sovereign state where political responsibility lies in Westminster rather than Brussels.”

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The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson told reporters: ‘I think this is a budget settlement that defines the agility, flexibility and freedom provided by Brexit, and how precious that is in a 21st century global economy.

“There were a number of approaches and announcements related to this yesterday, things like ODA (air passenger taxes) and the alcohol tax, which we couldn’t have done if we had stayed in the European Union.

“Our point of view is that having this ability to act unilaterally in this area is extremely beneficial.”

It came as Downing Street pledged to retaliate against France if Paris goes ahead with a “disappointing and disproportionate” threat of imposing sanctions in an escalation of a feud over boats. fishing.

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