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Boris Johnson must “really” push Brexit forward if he wants to stay in government, Nigel Farage has suggested, referring to the ongoing election crisis.

The longtime Brexiteer and pioneer of the movement to get the UK out of the EU has criticized Mr Johnson for pandering to Brussels’ demands during negotiations in 2019.

When he was first named Tory leader, the No 10 holder pledged to ‘get Brexit done’ by forcing the Continent to renegotiate the deal he struck with Theresa May.

Writing for MailOnline, Mr Farage said: ‘What people voted for in 2016 was real Brexit.

“They want full sovereignty over our borders.

“Respecting their wishes will not only achieve this goal, but will also help Boris Johnson win in the next election.

“As a Prime Minister on the ropes who seems to want to stay in power, he should listen to this message rather carefully.

“For although advisers advise and ministers decide, the voters have the final say.”

The Prime Minister won the 2019 election campaign for his Northern Ireland Protocol, saying it would ‘do Brexit’.

But checks on goods crossing the Irish Sea caused a stir and he tabled a bill to rip them up, angering the EU.

Critics said at the time that the protocol, which subjected British goods in Northern Ireland to certain EU rules, created a border inside the UK.

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