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The UK and the EU have struggled to move the Northern Ireland Protocol forward, although they both agreed to the Northern Ireland Protocol in 2019 as part of the Withdrawal Agreement. Brexit. The protocol prevents a hard border in Ireland by keeping Northern Ireland in the EU’s single market for goods. Brexit Minister Lord Frost recently called for significant changes to the protocol, saying “we cannot continue as we are”.

Now Ireland has complained of being caught between the two sides over the Irish border.

But readers showed little sympathy as they rushed to Brussels for “throwing Ireland under the bus” by making the process difficult.

One reader said: ‘Why would Ireland think it is stuck between the UK and the EU in the Northern Ireland talks? It’s the EU.

Another added: “Ireland has again thrown under the bus by the EU in its back-up plan.”

A third reader wrote: ‘We are no longer in the EU so you will have to use something / someone else as a boost because you can’t blame us after you are gone.

And a fourth just said, “No sympathy.

It comes after Neale Richmond, European Affairs spokesperson for Fine Gale, which is the second-largest party in Ireland’s coalition government, ousted the UK government this week.

He told the FT: “We spend a lot of time guessing what the UK government is trying to achieve.

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“Firstly, they wouldn’t do it, and secondly, it wouldn’t be in our best interest because it is also our single market.

“Brexit is not going to end up in a situation where everyone is 100% happy.

“That’s just not how Brexit is.”

Meanwhile, UK Brexit negotiator Lord Frost is expected to resume talks with his European counterpart Maros Sefcovic next month.

They would aim to reach an agreement to remove the red tape from Brussels over Northern Ireland.

A UK government spokesperson said: “It is clear that the Protocol is not working in its current form and significant changes are needed to ensure its sustainability in the future.

“The protocol is disrupting the daily lives of people in Northern Ireland – companies stop delivering to Northern Ireland, drug supply difficulties increase and products are disappearing from supermarket shelves.

“We have set out our proposals for resolving serious issues with the Protocol comprehensively in our command document.

“The EU must urgently engage with us on these issues – we are ready to move forward constructively.”

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