Brexit News – Live: £ 113bn wiped out of UK service exports as thousands risk missing residency deadline

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A staggering £ 113 billion has been wiped out of UK services exports in the wake of Brexit – even before the sector was excluded from the final trade deal, new research shows.

The IT and finance industries to business and professional services are among the hardest hit since the 2016 exit vote, experts from Birmingham Aston University have found.

The cumulative loss of £ 113bn was calculated by projecting the sector’s growth from 2016 to 2019 had the referendum not taken place – and it had continued on its previous trajectory.

Meanwhile, thousands of people are at risk of losing their right to live and work in the UK and the continent as they have not yet applied for residency after Brexit.

British citizens in France, Malta, Luxembourg and Latvia have until June 30 to apply for permanent resident status. And thousands of EU nationals and their families in the UK are asking for urgent help with applications.

Lawyers and charities have told The Independent they have been “inundated” with requests for help, including from panicked people who applied months ago and are still waiting for a decision and those struggling to apply who have just found out they have to.


Nicola Sturgeon announces Glasgow lockdown restrictions will be relaxed from midnight Friday

Nicola Sturgeon announced that coronavirus restrictions in Glasgow City will be eased from midnight on Friday, with the area moving to Level 2 measures.

The Scottish Prime Minister said the country was at a “delicate and fragile point” in the pandemic, with the new delta variant accounting for more than half of new daily cases.

In an update to Holyrood, she stressed that the Scottish government must “exercise caution”, highlighting what she described as “a slight slowdown in the easing of restrictions.

Our political correspondent Ashley Cowburn has more details on this breakup story:

Matt MathersJune 1, 2021 2:33 PM


TfL’s funding program ‘is far from sufficient’, party says

A government funding program to support Transport for London (TfL) finances amid collapsing travel demand during the Covid pandemic “falls far short” from what Londoners and the economy need, has said the Labor Party.

“It adds an insult on top of the injury to expect TfL to rack up another £ 500million each year without unfairly punishing Londoners for doing the right thing by not using public transport during the lockdown.” said Sam Tarry, Minister of Ghost Transport.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that TfL had agreed to a third funding plan to keep services running despite falling passenger numbers.

The Department for Transport said the latest package was worth £ 1.08 billion and was valid until December 11.

Mr Tarry added: “The government must provide substantial long-term funding for TfL that will allow it to plan for the future, secure thousands of jobs in the capital and continue to build a transport network that makes life easier. envy of the world.

“Once again, this government has chosen to play politics with TfL rather than give it the support it needs.

Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, said the deal will support London and its transport network during the pandemic and ensure it is a modern, efficient and viable network for the future.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of Labor in London, said “this is not the deal we wanted” but it ensures “that we can continue to operate vital transport services at this crucial time for our city. “.

Matt MathersJune 1, 2021 2:21 PM


Does Johnson think the easing of the lockdown can take place on June 21?

Does Boris Johnson still think there is “nothing in the data” to suggest that the lifting of all Covid restrictions on June 21 should be postponed, as he said last Thursday? asks our deputy political editor, Rob merrick.

The answer is … no one knows, as he’s been away for two days to celebrate his surprise wedding to Carrie Symonds, and his own spokesperson didn’t bother to ask.

In five days since last Thursday, the number of Covid infections has jumped by 30% and hospital admissions by 23%, so it seems clear that the situation is deteriorating.

But, when asked whether Mr Johnson still thinks next month’s full unlock remains on track, his spokesperson told reporters “you received the Prime Minister’s words from last Thursday.”

It then emerged that he had not even spoken to the Prime Minister, who “spent Sunday and Monday away” despite the fact that “he is now back to work from Downing Street”.

Of course, when questioned last Thursday, Mr Johnson also warned ‘it may have to wait’ by postponing the June 21 roadmap date – so what the PM really thinks is, as always, uncertain .

And where did the happy couple go: “It’s a personal matter so I won’t go into details,” they told reporters.

Matt MathersJune 1, 2021 1:46 PM


India variant of Covid shows test and trace not working, senior biologist says

The dramatic surge in infections with a variant of Covid first detected in India proves the £ 37 billion testing and tracing system ‘is not working’, according to an Oxford biologist.

The system – hailed as “beating the world” by Health Secretary Matt Hancock and others – should have been able to curb the spread when cases were initially low, Professor James Naismith said.

Our Deputy Political Editor Rob merrick has more details:

Matt MathersJune 1, 2021 1:30 PM


I would be happy if Covid restrictions went beyond June 21 – it will mean greater protection for all of us

Vaccinations are essential. As we all should know by now, no one is safe until everyone is safe, writes our associate editor, Sean O’Grady.

Read Sean’s full article here:

Matt MathersJune 1, 2021 1:13 PM


Israel should listen to its friends

Israel has always seen itself as a beacon of freedom and democracy in the Middle East, writes Dominic Grieve. But the interpretation and application of the law is skewed to try to protect the interests of a single community.

Read Dominic’s full article below:

Dominic Grieve: Israel should listen to its friends

Israel has always seen itself as a beacon of freedom and democracy in the Middle East. But the interpretation and application of the law is skewed to try to protect the interests of a single community, writes Dominic Grieve

Matt MathersJune 1, 2021 12:30 PM


ICYMI: Boris Johnson’s wedding makes him the most theatrical PM. And Carrie can make up for her weaknesses

The Prime Minister’s wife is the most misunderstood part of the British constitution, writes Anthony seldon. The now-Mrs Johnson has a much greater potential for influence than the norm.

Read Anthony’s full article here:

Matt MathersJune 1, 2021 12:04 PM


TfL accepts £ 1.08bn government funding amid collapse in travel demand during pandemic

Transport for London has agreed to a third government bailout to keep services running amid collapsing travel demand during the pandemic.

The Department for Transport said the latest package was worth £ 1.08 billion and was valid until December 11.

Matt MathersJune 1, 2021 11:39


Give more doses of vaccine to developing countries, MPs and peers tell Johnson

A multi-stakeholder group of more than 100 MPs and peers is calling on Boris Johnson to step up UK efforts to give more doses of the vaccine to developing countries.

The group, which has several Tory backbenchers in its ranks, says the UK should commit to matching every home injection with a dose given to countries that need it most.

In a letter sent to the Prime Minister, the group said there was a “clear moral imperative” to act and that it would also help save lives in the UK.

Matt MathersJune 1, 2021 11:14


ICYMI: Royals would be ‘stupid’ to get drawn into Scottish independence debate, says Alex Salmond

Former Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond has warned Prince William and other members of the royal family not to hold the Scottish independence debate.

Party leader Alba spoke out after former Prime Minister Gordon Brown – who recently launched a campaign to save the union – held a meeting with the Duke of Cambridge last week.

My colleague Adam Forrest reports:

Matt MathersJune 1, 2021 10:50 AM

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