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Britain and the EU are involved in an ongoing dispute over the Brexit deal for Northern Ireland. But the UK is said to be seeking new legal advice as it prepares to use Article 16 to rewrite the Northern Ireland protocol.

The Financial Times quoted two people familiar with internal discussions at Whitehall as saying the move would allow Attorney General Suella Braverman to back the government’s plans.

They added that there were fears that existing advisers would back the government.

One of them told the newspaper: “They want to leave Braverman free to give his opinion without there being conflicting advice.”

However, Downing Street insisted it was wrong to suggest that Brexit Minister Lord Frost was resigning existing legal advisers.

Number 10 said, “It’s okay to seek legal advice from a wide range of sources on matters of this importance. “

The protocol aims to avoid a hard border with Ireland and the conditions have effectively kept Northern Ireland in the EU’s single market.

But since its entry into force earlier this year, it has disrupted trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The UK has called for the agreement to be rewritten.

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“While there is some overlap between our positions on a subset of the issues, the gaps between us remain substantial.

“As we have noted previously, the EU’s proposals represent a welcome step forward but do not liberalize the movement of goods between Britain and Northern Ireland to the extent necessary for a lasting solution.

“They are also not engaging in the necessary changes in other areas, such as subsidy policy, VAT and protocol governance, including the role of the Court of Justice.

“Our position remains that substantial changes to the protocol will be necessary if we are to find a lasting solution that works in the best interests of Northern Ireland and supports the Belfast (Good Friday) agreement.”

A Commission spokesperson said: “The Vice-President recalled that the tailor-made arrangements proposed by the European Commission are unprecedented and far-reaching.

“They respond to concerns raised by residents and businesses in Northern Ireland.

“He called on the UK government to engage constructively with these proposals.

“It is now essential to find common ground between the respective positions of the EU and the UK.

“We owe it to the people of Northern Ireland to find stable solutions as soon as possible. The commission will spare no effort in this endeavor.”

Mr Sefcovic and Lord Frost are due to meet in Brussels this Friday for further discussions.

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