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Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta and head of the Italian Democratic Party list has warned that the vote in the next Italian elections could be decisive in the country’s relations with the European Union. He said the far-right election led by Giorgia Meloni could lead to a Brexit-like scenario, which would mean Italy drifting away from European ideals and policies.

Asked what was at stake in Italy’s upcoming election, Mr Letta told DW News: ‘The vote on September 25 is a kind of Brexit vote, as it was for the Brits .

“For them it was yes or no, in or out. I think for Italy it’s something similar.

“Of course it’s not a referendum. Of course it’s not about being officially in or out.”

Instead, Mr Letta said, Italy’s next prime minister will be faced with the question of closing ranks with pro-EU heads of state or Eurosceptics.

He said: “But politically the choice is between being at the very heart of Europe: Italy with Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Madrid – the heart of Europe – or being outside, being in a Society of Nations with Orban or the Polish government as allies.

“And I think that these two options, this crossroads is decisive for the future of the country. Not only in terms of monetary policies, debt sustainability but also in terms of values.”

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Describing the gap that has grown between pro-integration and pro-disintegration Europeans, he said Italy now had to choose between “being with France and Germany, [which] means environment, individual rights” or “being with Orban”.

Italians go to the polls on Sunday for a vote that could be decisive in the country’s relations with the European Union.

The far-right Brothers of Italy – whose leader Giorgia Meloni is favorite to become prime minister – are on course for a clear victory in both houses of parliament, according to a poll aggregator.

The Cattaneo Institute think tank, based on polls conducted up to August 31, shows that the conservative bloc – led by Giorgia Meloni – could elect at least 258 lawmakers out of 400 in the Chamber of Deputies and 131 out of 200 in the Senate.

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