Jaishankar calls event ‘black swan’ of COVID-19 crisis

New Delhi [India], May 20 (ANI): External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Thursday called the COVID-19 pandemic a “black swan event” and said its impact on the world order and the future of Asia remains to understand.

Addressing the 26th “Future of Asia” Conference, the minister said: “The COVID-19 crisis is a black swan event for the country as well as for the whole world. Its long-lasting impact term on world order and the future of Asia is not yet. ”Jaishankar also spoke about the formation of the post-coronavirus era with particular relevance to the role that Asia would play. He said, among other things, that the coronavirus disease has reshaped the world by changing the perceptions and calculations of nations about each other and the world by emphasizing the value of trust and transparency and the importance reliable supply chains.

He also said the pandemic was a global challenge that required nothing less than global solutions.

“This COVID pandemic is the most serious in living memory, but it must be seen as a recurring challenge, not a one-off problem. It requires international cooperation on a scale that could not have been conceived before. No national capacity, however large, is adequate, ”said the Minister.

He added that better international cooperation can also be facilitated by improving national capacities.

“If India is to make a real contribution to the Asian and global economic recovery, it can start by helping itself more. Even though COVID-19 was underway last year, bold reforms have been undertaken. in industry, agriculture, work and education, ”he said.

The minister added that India intends to make the manufacturing sector competitive on a global scale by removing sectoral handicaps, creating economies of scale and ensuring efficiency gains.

“By creating a level playing field and fostering a component ecosystem, it will integrate India more deeply into the global supply chain. Already, the global response to the PLI initiative has been strong. Coupled with an improvement in India’s position in the world The Bank’s ranking on ease of doing business – 63 (2020) out of 142 (2014) – would improve our economic relevance, ”he added.

He also referred to India’s renewable energy target of 450 GW by 2030.

“As one of the few G20 economies to meet its Paris pledges, India’s 15% energy efficiency savings switch to LED lighting with 367 million bulbs, shifting 80 million from biomass to LPG cooking and being part of the first three countries to develop forests. coverage over the past decade are examples of seriousness, ”Jaishankar said. (ANI)

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