Secret Sales launches post-Brexit fulfillment service

Fulfillment by Secret Sales (FBSS) will allow brands without a UK warehouse, or infrastructure to ship from mainland Europe, to ship goods in bulk to Secret Sales’ UK warehouse. The service will cover picking, packing and direct-to-consumer shipping via 24 or 48 hour tracked services, as well as returns.

Brands pay a nominal monthly handling fee, as well as picking, packing, and parcel shipping rates “similar to what brands would experience if they filled orders themselves.” Secret Sales said the management fee is “heavily subsidized”, compared to typical industry costs.

Versace 19v69 and jewelry brand Azro Silver are among those currently signed up for the service.

“We understand the challenges faced by a number of brands unable to complete the final piece of the puzzle if their stock is based in mainland Europe or if Brexit regulations make selling direct to UK consumers prohibitively expensive,” said said Chris Griffin, CEO of Secret Sales. . “We’re just adding a handy option that takes care of the final step, helping those brands fulfill orders on the Secret Sales platform.”

“We were unable to operate on the UK platform due to high post-Brexit distribution costs,” said Matteo Armillotta, CEO of In Moda, global distributor of Versace 19v69. “Secret Sales’ FBSS model has allowed us to grow in the UK.”

Secret Sales said it aims to gradually roll out an fulfillment service in each country it does business in, to address similar challenges. The marketplace has a presence in the Netherlands and Belgium and plans to launch in 12 other European countries over the next two years.

Last month, Sach Kukadia, the founder of Secret Sales, launched the sustainable jewelry brand 7879.

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