Top priority street works in Tecumseh completed

TECUMSEH – Seven years ago, residents of Tecumseh took to the city streets with a mile. This mileage was renewed to 1.98 mills in 2019, and a bond issue of $ 2.5 million was put in place.

The mileage is used to reimburse the deposit. Interest rates are low and the city benefits from the ability to get roadwork done faster as well as economies of scale, according to City Manager Dan Swallow.

“We are able to bid for larger projects and get prices because we wanted to complete as much work as possible in a relatively short period of time,” Swallow said. “So it speeds up the job, and the interest rates are so low that it’s relatively inexpensive to borrow. ”

New curb and gutter have been installed along South Maiden Lane in Tecumseh in preparation for repaving the street later this summer.

The city recently approved a $ 2.6 million bond issue for capital improvement, and alongside that issue, the council approved the refinancing of the 2019 bond issue at a lower rate. The city also recently received an AA rating on its debt from S&P Global.

Most of the priority streets one and two have been completed since the start of road works.

So far Murray Drive, Orchard Lane, South Union Street, Pawnee Heights, South Oneida Street, Cummins Street, South Wyandotte Street and Eastern Street have been completed, said Troy Rohrbach, superintendent of the public works department, in an e -mail.

Chippewa Street in Tecumseh is pictured on Thursday.  Portions of sidewalks, gutters and driveway decks are being replaced before the street is repaved later this summer.

Others, which include parts of Cairns Street, North Union Street, South Maiden Lane, South Pearl Street, Hiawatha Street, Muscody Street, Logan Street, West Shawnee Street, are expected to be completed by the end of September, Rohrbach said. .

“These roads are in very poor condition. Once completed, the ride quality will be much better and safer for all users of these streets, ”said Rohrbach.

South Union Street may or may not be completed this year, according to Swallow.

North Pearl Street at Chippewa Street in Tecumseh is pictured on Thursday.  Portions of sidewalks, gutters and driveway decks are being replaced before the street is repaved later this summer.

“It is pending available funding. We hope we will have enough gas tax funds, ”Swallow said. “We are still hoping this year, however, we may have to postpone this until next year depending on the volume of work, as we are currently doing a lot of the milling work.”

Swallow said the roads were in good condition because the townspeople had paved the way.

“We are grateful that voters approved the mileage, so we are able to finish this job and keep our streets in better condition,” Swallow said.

M-50 road regime

The city also asked the Michigan Department of Transportation to move Chicago Boulevard from four lanes to three – one lane in each direction plus a center turn lane – from Pearl Street to Oneida Street in 2019, and this was approved.

“It’s something the city started because of safety concerns on the M-50 or on Chicago Boulevard. Specifically in the downtown area, we wanted to improve pedestrian safety, and then it’s also not very convenient to park on Chicago Boulevard because the lanes are so narrow, ”Swallow said. “The other thing we felt was with the reduced lane, we also hope the vehicles speed will be moderate.”

There would also be the addition of a left turn lane, making it easier to make left turns throughout downtown. This work was supposed to take place this year, but has been put on hold.

“We expect this to be completed next construction season,” Swallow said. “It was actually originally planned for this year, but due to funding restrictions they had to postpone it until next year.”

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