Trump tweets: ‘Don’t be afraid of Covid’, sparking passionate exchanges on Twitter

As President Trump prepared to leave Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday, he tweeted this optimistic message to the public:

“I feel really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let him rule your life. We have developed very good medicine and knowledge under the Trump administration.

– President Donald Trump

The phrase “Don’t be afraid of Covid” has become a hot topic on Twitter TWTR,
As of Monday afternoon, many people accused the presidential post of being deaf or irresponsible, considering that nearly 210,000 Americans and more have died from COVID-19 this year, and the United States has recorded 7.4 million cases – leading the world in two metric pandemics.

Additionally, many people have reported suffering from coronavirus-related health issues for months after their initial diagnoses, raising concerns about the long-term effects of the virus.

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The president’s supporters responded positively to his tweet.

Yet the overwhelming response on Twitter has been no, with critics pointing out that Trump has received COVID-19 treatments typically reserved for people who are more seriously ill than Trump has been described as being, as well as experimental therapies than most people. do not have. to have access to. It should be noted that about 30 million Americans under the age of 65 do not have health insurance, according to CDC 2018 data. And 5.4 million more people who were made redundant during the pandemic are uninsured, according to a July study by USA families advocacy group.

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In addition, about 33.6 million Americans, or 24% of American civilian workers, do not have access to paid sick leave in case they or a member of their household fall ill.

The President returned to the White House on Monday evening, walking up a flight of stairs and lounging on a balcony long enough to see Marine One, pose for photos and record a video message. He took off his mask almost immediately.

Here’s what MarketWatch has reported on the president’s health, treatments, and the potential impact of his diagnosis on the election so far. His doctor noted that he may not have been “out of the woods” yet.

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