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 R. J. Rauen Sales, Inc.  DBA Rotec Photo Cutters
12164 Wormer  Redford, MI 48239
313.535.1269   fax 313.535.5534
email: rauensales@aol.com


new and exciting cut outs for your customers!

Our latest cutter.  Roll-tec 9 check it out under Roll-tec bed cutters

Cut photos, traders, magnets, scrap book items, quilting and more!


We can custom make your steel rule dies!

We sell trays, dies, cutting plates and locating pins for your I-Mark cutter.

Also available repair of your crank assembly to better than new!

Use our electric Roll-tec 15 series for your I-Mark dies

Rotec Photo Cutters and R. J. Rauen Sales Inc. are not affiliated with I-mark or Accu-cut.

Company Profile  

     R. J. Rauen Sales was started in 1973.   We originated rotary photo cutting and the Rotec cutter line has grown to 7 different models.   In 2005 we acquired the rights to sell and service all Photech Industries products.

For guaranteed best in photo cutters insist on the original.  Original parts, service and the best in cutters...Rotec     

Contact Information

Raymond Rauen, President         R J Rauen Sales, Inc DBA Rotec Photo Cutters

Payment:   Make checks out to R. J. Rauen Sales, Inc. for Rotec Photo Cutters         

Telephone  313.535.1269
FAX  313.535.5534
Postal address    12164 Wormer   Redford, MI 48239
Electronic mail
General Information: RauenSales@aol.com

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